Uhaul Hires Allah - Ep 26


In this episode, you learn: 

- Allah gets hung up on the Jews
- Allah performs magic tricks 
- We see that Allah has limited vision
- Jesus admits there is no trinity 
- Mary was a Muslim 
- Releasing your slave = 3 days of fasting (Oh, and vice-versa) 
- Allah becomes a fun sucker - NO BOOZE! 
- The only reason Muslims exist 

I appeared on The Scathing Atheist and The Imaginary Friends Show this week, both of which will be published next week.

Episode 26 contains 15% more content for you Patrons!  You can become one too, helping to support this show and my efforts by going to my Patreon Page.  Seriously, I'm in 3rd place for satirical reading podcasts.....and I actually edit my show, write skits, songs, and add effects......3rd place?  Really?

Keep going.  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Keep doing that.  Episode 27, my interview with an incredible rising star, Reem Abdel Razek, regarding her life in Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and her project.  It is not available here: "Rise Above".

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